Brexit: The Family Divider.

How do I criticise peoples views? As people we are all individuals, and as that we are all entitled to are personal views. As anyone who has read any of my past rants you all know how anti-Brexit my views are. 

That being said, I am all for people expressing their views, be it for or against anything… I am a great believer in free speech… If anyone has a positive spin on things I would love to hear it! I’m not going to say I’m going to agree with you, but I’m prepared to listen!

What is beginning to rock my boat is when it comes between families; I’ve recently had the misfortune to experience this from, if I’m honest, my two best friends. I will be honest with you all, if I had to name the two people I would thank for keeping me alive through my mental illness, it would be those two. Yes, I have had support from family members but nothing like those two have given me.

I can’t deny it, sometimes I have questioned their advice, but looking at the bigger picture they have both been there for me. I most definitely owe my life to these two. Ironically, they are twins, so can you imagine my difficult position when they start arguing over their Brexit views? That’s shit.

I am no politician, don’t get me wrong, but for all you out there who are “PLEASE,” get this fiasco sorted out one way or the other. We have even had the misfortune of our former fake Prime Minister (Beetlegeuse). 

May and the village idiot toupee-wearing President of the USA, Trump, standing on podiums uttering even more bullshit in front of our Queen, who despite me not being a royalist, seemed to be the only person there who actually gave a fuck about the country!

The Queen’s unimpressed face says it all!

Anyway back to my point, This Brexit fiasco is destroying family dynamics; not just that my best friends relationship is being destroyed. GET THE FUCKING THING SORTED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!! 

I might not like the outcome along with many others, but at this point, I would rather see friends and families brought back together, not fighting over the outcome.

I need my two best friends to keep me alive, I love them both and this fighting has to stop.

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