No Confidence Votes

Call me naive if you like but recently there seems to be a bit of trend of no confidence votes within governments. Doesn’t that mean what these Prime Ministers or Presidents are saying or doing is seen as a load of bullshit within their own governments, without even involving the populations of their respective countries!

Don’t get me wrong I’m no genius BUT I wouldn’t say I’m a complete idiot either. You’re all welcome to your own opinion on that.

Surely if your own followers don’t agree with what you’re saying, whether it be the fiasco hanging over the future of this country called Brexit or otherwise, all the debacle in the US over the Mexico wall, etc. Shouldn’t a no confidence vote (in the Prime Minister here or the President in the US) mean they should be told to fuck right off and shut the damn door on the way out?!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see people in the UK never even got to vote this Prime Minister in to power, and as for Brexit, what a JOKE. Who voted for that… Did anyone really know what they were voting for? The damn Government itself hadn’t even got a clue where Brexit was heading. You only need to look as the bullshit going on now to understand that.

I would love to see the views of people who Voted for Brexit originally, albeit let’s be realistic, most of the yes, voters were bloody racists. Let’s face it, they were led to believe there would be less immigrants in the country, more jobs for the nationals, and so forth. Unfortunately, what they seem to forget is those jobs were there all along; they were just too fucking idle to do them in the first place! Personally, I think the country should thank all the immigrants for being so hard working, because if it weren’t for them this country would be completely on its knees.

Obviously there are a few bad apples within any group of people, that’s a given and I don’t denied that, but overall it shouldn’t have been a major debate point. I think what makes things worse, is you have the other half of the public, the yes voters, who had this false illusion that the big supermarkets would be happy to swap suppliers to their smaller UK counterparts… Take farmers for example, they go to University and come away with a degree on how to drive a tractor, how does the saying go “I can’t read and I can’t write, but I can drive a tractor”. A degree, your having a laugh! 

Oops, sorry, wandered off topic a bit… I will save that rant for another day. Back to farmers and Brexit. They were all led to believe leaving the EU would benefit them in regards to less products being available via import, so their products would be more in demand. Erm, OK. Wake up and smell the roses!!! The products aren’t bought because you will not be able to supply to demand at the prices the big boys want. Whether it be meat, dairy, or whatever else you supply, you just couldn’t do it and sustain your workplace. 

A good example of this would be ASDA or LIDL, they are both foreign parent companies! So they aren’t gonna give a damn about your milk, poultry or cattle, because you won’t meet their price demands. But of course Brexit will help your farm thrive…

And as for the US.. Oh dear, where do I start? How on Earth did Donald (tweet too much about “FAKE NEWS”) Trump ever get to make such catastrophic fuck ups in the first place? Oh I remember! Money and bullshit talks in presidential elections. When will you Americans wake up and see the light? It’s better to have a non opinionated president than a racist loudmouth bigot, as the senate and congress have the final say anyway!!! 

All the President is anyway is a fucking puppet to do what people with money say anyway. That’s your problem. Donald bullshit-a-lot Trump is a money man himself, so he has this fantasy in his head that he has a say in what goes on in your country. OK… Surely even he isn’t that stupid? Does he not remember the Berlin wall? We all know how well that worked.. How can he be taken seriously when he prattles on about the Mexican immigrants? How many businesses has he run? Don’t try and tell me he has NEVER hired any immigrants in that time, and probably paid them minimum wage. He’s basically an unscrupulous business man who bought his way into the White House.

It’s time he listened to his own advise, looked into the mirror and say “You’re Fired” (Sorry Sir Alan Sugar, even you didn’t think off yourself the way Trump does about Trump.) and walk out of the door and made sure it doesn’t hit him in the arse on the way out. His fucking dodgy toupee might fall off!

That’ll be all and the end all of this rant. 

Fuck off Teresa May, who we never voted you in the first place (!) and Donald toupee Trump, aka. a bigoted big mouth prick, no one cares what you say, so stop trying to bully your colleagues, fuck off and let someone who cares about your country do the job.

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