New Year… Really don’t you mean just another 365 days of Bullshit?

Call me negative if you wish, or call me a realist, personally I really don’t care!

Hi! Ironic is it that so many people go out and celebrate the New Year with their last fews pound or dollars, after over spending that holiday we all call Christmas, but that’s another gripe for another day.

My advise is don’t waste your time making all those New Year plans that you know won’t come true!

Yes I’ve done it and made plans – gone to the gym, tried the diet etc, but let’s be honest just because there is a 19 instead of an 18 in the date it doesn’t mean that Bullshitters like Donald Trump or Teresa May will make your taxes less or give you more to spend in your pay pay packet each month.

Sorry I don’t mean to ignore those on benefits or homeless, I know across the world there are an awful lot of people trying to help the people below the poverty line: homeless or otherwise, and my admiration goes out to everyone who tries to make their lives easier. It’s just a shame that the people who could really help this issue, don’t seem to give a fuck about these important issues, instead they want to build walls between countries, wether it’s Donald fuckin’ toupee Trump, wanting to separate the US from Mexico, or Teresa Beetle Guise May trying to build a wall between the UK and Europe (because let’s be honest that’s what Brexit is). 

The only difference is at least Donald bulllshit Trump is giving builders work, building his fuckin’ wall. I’m not that old to remember the channel tunnel! Being opened and everyone being excited about opening Europe as a free trade community, what the fuck has happened? Our forefathers who fought in the World Wars to make this world a ‘better place’ must be turning in their graves to see what is happening to the world today, “God rest their Souls”. It’s ridiculous how not so many years ago so many people of different race, religion or creed lost their lives to make our world a better place to live in.

I apologise if I digress from the original topic, but I think the point is clear: all these people who think the New Year is worth celebrating must have their heads buried so far in the sand to avoid reality it is sad. Let’s be honest whilst we have some of these politicians in charge of our countries nothing is ever going to get better. 

I’ve heard americans complain about congress controlling presidents in the past but what do they say now that they’ve got a toupee wearing bigot controlling their country now!

Sorry I shouldn’t laugh as across this side of the pond we cant even say we even voted the Prime Minister in power! Anyway let’s get back to the point… Don’t waste your new year’s kiss pretending everything is going to be better, if your with with an ugly or controlling or bigoted or obese person before midnight, LOL, they are still going to be the same arsehole after New Year!!! WAKE UP TO REALITY!!! The only person who can make your life better is you! 

It’s a New Year: dump the dead weight and however hard it is or however they say it hurts them… FUCK IT, live for yourself, true friends know you better than any partner, and that’s a fact not fiction.

Happy New Year you Arseholes!!!

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