“Does my bum look big in this?!!!!”

Why is it when men go shopping with their partners they completely lose the ability to be honest when it comes to clothes shopping? Don’t deny it, we all know how it goes, you sit outside a changing room waiting while you’re missus tries on half a dozen outfits bored shitless, scrolling through your phone checking the football scores or the news, weather, whatever floats your boat, trying not to show the boredom. And then it happens… She finally comes out only to ask “how do I look?” What’s your typical answer?… “you look fine” or something similar, just to get out of the damn shop. 

Don’t get me wrong I understand the logic behind it, easy life lol. The main problem with this scenario is you get home, she decides she will wear it when she’s goes out and bang that’s when the shit hits the fan! “Why didn’t you say it makes my bum look like a hippo?” and without looking up from the TV you reply “no you look great”. I know it sounds alien to most of us but try being honest when you’re out shopping it will save you months of grief, she may not like it at the time, but believe me she will respect you in the end.

Whilst I’m on the subject, the whole one size fits all myth, what a crock of shit, take lycra leggings as an example, really ladies just because they say one size fits all, it clearly isn’t the truth, let’s be honest… Whether your male or female you’ve all stood behind the lady in the Starbucks queue, or whatever shop you choose with the transparent leggings and got a clear view of her underwear and thought really… “there’s a thing called a mirror before you leave the house, or thrown up in your mouth at something you really don’t want to see”

I accept that some of you might call me fattist but let me assure you that is not the case! I have no problem with larger people; some it’s there build and some it’s their lifestyle, everyone has a right to be who they are. My gripe is the one size fits all label, let me put it in black and white for anyone who doesn’t understand, when a pair of lycra leggings is hanging from a hanger, the colour is very clear! Whether they be black, white or whatever, that clearly is the colour they are supposed to be, not transparent. Think about it ladies if I notice the transparency, others will too.

No disrespect to the the larger amongst us, but let’s face it, if your built like a hippo don’t try wearing lycra that fits the smaller ladies amongst us.

I apologise if I’ve offended anyone but it’s something that bugs me and I felt it was quite relevant!!!

Thanks for reading.

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