Politics, for the uninitiated: The truth or not the truth that is the question?

Firstly I would like to make something perfectly clear, I am not affiliated to any political party, in fact I am probably the least qualified to comment on government affairs than anyone. That being said, I am a tax payer and I think that it doesn’t matter where you are from; that gives me a right to have an opinion as to what these so called leaders of countries, mine or otherwise, say or do regarding the world we live in.

Many of us vote for our Prime ministers, Presidents, etc. but let’s be honest how many of us actually know what we are voting for? There are a few things we all need to know about politicians, from past recollections of some interviews with these ‘trustworthy’ individuals, I have come to the conclusion that a prominent theme seems to come to the forefront of most of their interviews. I used to be an avid listener of a BBC 5live teatime radio show, which I used to listen to whilst driving home from work. The DJ who used to present this show, whom unfortunately I can’t remember his name at this time. Had numerous political guests on his show, and regardless of how many interviews I heard, he always had the same issues with the interviewees; it actually reached a point where I don’t know if he realised, but he practically ended up with his own catch phrase, “can you please answer the question, yes or no!”

That simple question has over the years made me realise that is the one rule all politicians live by. “Can you answer the question, yes or no?!!!’ It doesn’t matter whether they are educated at Oxford or Cambridge in the UK, or Harvard or Yale in the US. Politicians never answer any question with a yes or no answer. No small wonder we don’t know who to believe or trust wherever we are in the world.

To quote some examples, Teresa May in the UK talking about Brexit, even her own party members haven’t got a clue whats going on, let alone the British public. Neither does Donald Trump in the US. Perhaps I’m naive but I’m of the opinion that he doesn’t even know what he’s saying… I suppose he’s in a slightly different position than most, in the fact his God complex seems to make him believe it doesn’t matter what he says or does.

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I shouldn’t find it funny but how can one person be able to open his mouth so many times without thinking about what is going to come out of it, and be in charge of the so called superpower of the western world, The same could be said of Teresa May in this country… I suppose quite a good comparison to her would be King John in disney’s Robin Hood, he was called the phoney king of England, whereas now she could be known as the phoney Prime Minister of England. I don’t dispute that the Conservative Party won an election whilst David Cameron was head of the party, but I don’t recall the British public voting for Teresa May to become Prime Minister… It just seemed to happen without the general public having any say whatsoever. How can this possibly be right?

I may just be an average Joe with an average IQ, but I still have views on things. These things still matter to me as a human. I don’t want to be the usual critical person who writes about specific things he doesn’t really understand, but looking at the bigger picture, in the UK this government seems intent on taking us back to medieval times where we are alienated from the rest of the world with this Brexit bullshit, or in the US where Donald Trump seems to be wanting to do the same thing to America. 

The big irony is without all of the immigrant workers legal or otherwise, both countries would fail to exist. So wake up you ingrate leaders; look at what you are fucking up with your narrow minded bullshit, and look at the bigger picture! Be honest with each other, and even more importantly be honest and transparent with your public, they are the ones that matter! 

No one really gives a flying fuck about you in your ivory towers, you can afford to put all your lies and bad decisions behind you, or more than likely make even more money out of your indiscretions when you release your memoirs that won’t even be written by you!

So, at the end of the day, the answer to the original question, truth or not the truth?

Do I even need to say it? The dictionary definition of a politician should read: ‘a person or persons whom has the inability to tell the truth, or actually answer a question of any sort.’

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